My babies seem to be working hard. I can’t wait to hear the new album!


Testing has got to be the worst. Having to read all of those questions and bubbling in the answers. I couldn’t stand going to class every 3rd day all by myself to take one part of the testing for 2 hours. So that’s why I went today and took the rest of the 3 subjects to get it over with even though it took me about 6 hrs. Well, at least Jocelyn was with me the whole time and at one point most of the teachers left for lunch and Jocelyn and I had the classroom all to ourselves! I took a break from testing and helped her with a balloon experiment which was pretty fun. Then we went to lunch ourselves and ate some yummy Subway! And finally, we went to class and I finished my last part of testing while she did her lessons. I swear, the best feeling was knowing that we were done with what we had to do and that we finished testing earlier than other kids. What a tiring day.

Don’t Question Me.

I hate being questioned. Unless you’re someone I love and someone I’m close to, or maybe a teacher who may need to know some info for a particular reason, or a cop that’s questioning me because I’m drinking and driving and YOU GET THE POINT. If you don’t have a reason to ask me questions, then I suggest you don’t. I hate when people ask me questions. I’m okay with simple questions, but I hate when people start asking me personal questions and getting into my life like, “so what does your mom/dad do?” or “what’s your brother studying for?” or waaay personal ones than that. Like, why the fuck do you care? I don’t know you, you don’t know me, don’t ask me these questions. You don’t have a right and if I don’t want to answer, it’s not because I’m hiding something. I just don’t want you to know every detail of my fuckin’ life. I’m not asking you any personal questions about your life, so don’t do so to me. I don’t trust in anyone easily. People are such hypocrites and talk shit afterwards. I think that next time someone askes me a personal question, I just wont answer.


Yesterday, I went to TJ! I saw my cousins, my aunts, uncle, and my grandma! I had lots of fun! My cousins and I played some balloon game and that balloon never popped! I went to the store with my cousin and he laughed at me because I didn’t how much 8 pesos were. ): Haha but who cares because I got whistled at and he didn’t! Oh and I learned how to play “Cielito Lindo” on the piano all by myself and my tio was a witness. It was a really fun day!

Feliz Dia Del Niño!

My mom treated me well on el Dia Del Niño by buying me junk food and chocolate popsicles. My tio Vernardo gave me a 2 dollar bill so it could bring me good luck, and he told me not to spend it so I could remember him when he dies lol. My grandma also treated me well with her love. She still owes me my champurrado though, just sayin’ ;)

I love my show buddy. She’s so fuckin’ hilarious! It was cool seeing her and Flatz at Mc Donald’s on Friday right after I had been in the Mc Donald’s bathroom totally thinking about her. ;) And then I step out of the bathroom and KAPOW! There she was :D Maan, I can’t wait for the next time we go to a show together and have an adventure! <3

Child By Heart.

I hate when people grow up and get “mature.” I know I’m growing up, but I hope I’m never like those stuck up girly “mature” girls.

Bipolar Day.

Yes, my today was pretty bipolar. My day started off with me being angry because not only was today the first day we took the cst testing, but I had to take the 10th grade one with all of the 10 graders and other kids who were in the same situation as me where we’re considered 10th graders and have to take the 10th grade test even though we already took it. So I was by myself for 3 hours while my friends get to take the 11th grade cst tomorrow. Shitty right? Yeah that’s not all. After, my mom took almost an hour to pick me up and since my phone wasn’t in service, I couldn’t call her to tell her to hurry up so I was basically freezing my ass off since it was so cold and windy today.

After that, I went to go pay the phone bill so my phone is back in service! I was pretty happy until some fat guy that works at 7 Eleven almost got away with ripping me and my little brother off. Stupid bitch. He lost two customers. Oh and then my little brother and I ran for our lives as some creepy homeless lady followed us so that was exciting.

And finally, my mom came home just a few minutes ago and surprised me by bringing me a caramel frapuccino and my contract that she signed me up for the gym! I can’t wait to start going with my bro! (Not my actual brother btw)

I’m About To Explode.

I’m soo stressed out. All thanks to my teacher who had to ruin my weekend by calling me and leaving me a voicemail saying I have to have 13 lessons done by tomorrow. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to do this. I have a feeling I’m going to be up all night, but at least my little one is always by my side as if showing me support. :)

"Me llamo Patricia pero me puedes decir Patito!"

Oh how I want to meet Danna Paola aka the girl who plays Patito on Atrevete A Soñar. Which is weird because she’s 14, and I’ve been wanting to meet her since she was 13. Which is even weirder, but who cares I love her. :)