I actually just wrote a song about my behbaay in less than 5 mins! xD


I swear, every time my behbaay says hi to me with that wave and that beautiful smile, it always makes my day! Maan, I want him! <333

Why is my little one so precious?

I don’t know, but I love her so much. <3

Omg, I can’t help but laugh at how much I can relate to this song right now! xD

The Good Stuff.

What do you do when you’re feeling extremely stressed out about many things that you just want to sleep to forget about it all? Not go to Demi Lovato’s free concert which is exactly what I did and instead I hanged out with my prims and Lizzie. :) My prims picked me up (well technically George did) and we went to church and then we went to Home Town Buffet. I ate so much that I thought I was going to throw up, but hey it was money well spent! Oh yeah and prims got the Home Town Buffet ladies to sing Happy Birthday to Lizzie even though it wasn’t her birthday! Haha oh man! Good times, good times! xD

Omg this was so good! <3

Haha Lizzie and I are so badass that we got slurpees to go ;D

I love taking pictures with my prims and Lizzie. <3

"Prims, why do you look so sexy?" -Prims
“I don’t know.” *worried voice* -Me xD

Haha yeah today was a great day! :D

This was when the new Microsoft Store was opened! Excuse the bad quality, I recorded it from my phone. x)

All for Demi Lovato!

A few days ago, Demi Lovato tweeted that we could get free VIP tickets at the grand opening of the new Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley Mall today for her free concert on Saturday! So Consuelo and I woke our asses up at 3am, headed to Fashion Valley Mall at 4am, and ended up getting there at 5am. We waited, waited, and waited until 10am when the store was about to open. It actually was fun though. When it was around 7am, the people from Microsoft started raffling free laptops, zunes, x360’s, and flip cameras. Sadly, Consuelo and I didn’t win any. ): Also, lots of cameras were pointing my way and I waved and everything so I wonder if I was on TV? xD Oh and did I mention that Rob Dyrdek was there? At first I didn’t know who he was, but then I remembered! Haha

I think this was on of the parts where I was bored.

But Consuelo seems happy? xD

Fuck yeah this was when we finally got to in the new Microsoft Store and we got lots of free stuff and the coolest thing in the bag were the x360 games (which I’m going to sell, except for the Rock Band one) and we each got 2 wristbands to see Demi Lovato on Saturday!

In total we got 2 tickets to see Demi Lovato on Saturday, free shirts, x360 games, a titanium aluminum water bottle, deck of cards, stickers, girl scout cookies, chapstick, mints, gum, some stress reliever thing, and coupons! xD

Can I call that an awesome morning? Fuck yeah I can!

I’m about to explode.

Really? REALLY? You couldn’t have showed up 30 minutes before, so I wouldn’t have left and wouldn’t have been wishing I could go back in just to talk to you? Why do you keep showing up when I LEAST expect you? For example I had already lost all hope in seeing you at all last week and what do you do? You’re there on Friday. You were there and I couldn’t talk to you because you were working. But today, you weren’t there to work which angers me even more. Maybe if you would have updated your Myspace status earlier, I would have known you were going to be there today, but noooo! Today could have been the perfect time to talk to you again too because I actually had something to say. Ugghh. I’m going to try my hardest to not expect to see you anymore because you seem to only show up when I don’t expect you.

I’m Fuckin’ Posted!

While searching for spikey haired dude and italian boy, my bro and I (not my actual brother, but my friend that I call “bro”) came across this creepy looking house. I just had to take a picture there because the sign in the middle said POSTED. Yeah you don’t get it, but it’s a funny inside joke between my bro and I! ;D

"What does that mean?"

That’s the question that I always have to ask for everything that happens because if you think about it, everything has a meaning.