Aww! My prims and I do this sometimes :D

Oh, how I love Full House!

I swear, it’s the best show ever! I never miss to record an episode so I can watch it when I’m bored or getting ready, even if I’ve already watched it. <3


Woah! The movie Inception really got to me. Last night, I had a dream where in the dream, I knew it was a dream. I was hanging out with a girl I’ve never met in my life and I told her, ” Well since this is a dream, I can do this!” and went over to some random hot guy, sat on his lap, and made out with him. It was awesome! While watching the movie, I had hoped this would happen to me when I had dreams and it did! I hope I have more of those dreams where I know I’m dreaming so I’ll be able to do things that I probably wouldn’t do in real life!

I Got Goosebumps!

I went to go see this movie today and it was amazing!
And I was the only one who understood the whole movie! xD

The Great Wall Ride

Probably the coolest picture of Brendon that I’ve seen in a long time!

It’s 7/11! Time to go to 7 Eleven!

Which is exactly what I did and got my free slurpees! :D

July is my last “happy month.”

I feel like crying. After July, my life is going to change. I just know things are going to change. My bro (that’s what I call my friend) is going back to regular high school and I’m going to stay in home schooling. No more going to the gym in the morning, no more going to the the mall in the morning, no more having adventures while other kids are at school, no more having sleepovers on weekdays because we don’t have school the next day and etc. I’m so used to seeing this bitch everyday, and I know it won’t be as easy to see each other anymore which makes me sad. She’s going to make new friends and I can’t help but feel like our friendship is going to fade. Don’t get me wrong, sure I have other friends, but hanging out with other friends is not the same as hanging out with her. I always feel at home when I’m with her. You don’t even know. The feeling is so amazing and comfortable. Oh and after July, no more going to the gym. At least not for a while until my bro settles into her new school. I’m going to miss the gym terribly. My days after July are going to feel so incomplete without the gym. That place is my like my 3rd home (My bro’s house being my 2nd). It’s such an awesome place. I’m going to miss my homies there as well. I wish I could keep going, but it’s not like I could keep going by myself. Ughh, I hate this. Oh well, there’s nothing I can do. I’m just going to try to live the rest of July as happy as I can.

"Dame una señal, solo dame una mirada."

Today, I got 2 from my other behbaay. Straight in the eye. Oh the joy! <333